You’ve Put a Lot Into Your Home. It’s Time We Get You the Most Out of It.


Setting the Record

If there’s one thing you want when you go to sell your home, it’s top results. And when clients list their properties with me, big numbers are exactly what they get. I’ve become the go-to listing agent in my Alexandria neighborhood for three simple reasons:

→ I know every home in the area like the back of my hand (and can easily negotiate for every single dollar on price + with appraisers)

→ I get great marketing — the houses I sell are presented perfectly even if it means I’m helping paint walls or finish landscaping for extra curb appeal

→ I consistently set record prices for homes in the area and push prices further than other sales agents.

In my own neighborhood of Stoneybrooke in Alexandria, I sold 1/3 of the listings between May 2019 and November 2023. During that time my average sales price was over 10% higher than the average sales price by other agents. 


Understanding Your Buyers

You can’t sell anything without first understanding who it is you’re selling to! Thanks to my extensive work with the other side of the market, I’ve got the insight needed to help your home appeal directly to buyers. 

Matching your listing to their must-haves is more than half the battle and because I come to the table with that info from the start, we spend zero energy on guessing games.

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What’s Your Home Worth?


Almost There! You’re 1 Step Away


We’re Gathering Your Property Information. Your Home Valuation Report Will Arrive In Your Mailbox.


Your Needs First…Always

The Marketing Matters 

(especially your photos!)

Ever heard the phrase you only get one first impression? Pictures of a messy bathroom or a badly lit kitchen can actually cost you a potential sale — that’s why I take your staging and marketing seriously.

I’ll never let your home go out to the market without its glam on even if it means I gotta get in there and pick up a paintbrush or rake that pile of leaves in the front yard. We’ll make your space sparkle so you get every dollar you deserve come offer time.

Communication is key to a great real estate deal and that’s why every bit of my sales process revolves around checking in on your needs. I serve up my knowledge and expertise to help you make the most informed decisions possible but when it comes down to it: your opinions and goals always come first.

“Hands down, the best Realtor® in the DC area! She went above and beyond (even staying all hours of the night) prepping our home and helped us get it on the market. Her advice was real and honest. The best part, she does this all with true enthusiasm and fun, even at times when you don’t want to do any of it! It's worth every red cent (and I count my cents)."

- Melanie S.

Ready to Make the Most of the Market?

Let’s chat about the right time to sell and what you’ll need to get started!

Work With Us

Whether it’s a PCS across the globe or just a move across the city, finding the best value for your family is our first priority. We’ve got our finger on the pulse of the Alexandria area and offer “feels like you’re in the room with us” virtual tours to help make the most out of your limited search time. Trusted, transparent, and fun too — this is what you get when we work together. Ready to see what’s out there?

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